3 songs: Love for Kendji’s songs even though I don’t know French😊

Yes, I’m talking about none other than Kendji Girac 😁. No no, I do not speak or understand French. I don’t know why I love Kendji’s songs (also, him 😂), but I really really do! All I know is, his songs are just… you know what they say, strike a chord, that… exactly that! But I can’t digest the fact that he’s just 20?!?! Like, seriously? His songs being largely French I’ve to first google-search the lyrics, then use google translate and then understand them. This one time it went like Google search “Kendji Girac” ➡ Wikipedia “Kendji Girac… youngest of a Catalan Gitano family…” What’s Gitano? ➡ Wikipedia “Gitano” ➡ “The Romani people in Spain…” What’s Romani?➡ Wikipedia “Romani people”➡ “… and originating from the northern regions of the Indian Subcontinent, presumably from where the states Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab exist today.” And I was like Yaaaaaaaaayyy! So you are part Indian, you do have the look of a gora punjabi too. Yaaayy. 😂I’m really mad and weird you see 😎.

So here are 3 songs of Kendji that I love, love, loooove! Continue reading