The worst women’s day ever!

Happy women’s day ladies! Here’s to celebrating one day the world has assigned to respect and empower women; celebrate it now, because it’s doubtful you’ll get to do it in the years to come. Let alone celebrate, be thankful if at least you get some peace of mind this day just because it’s women’s day! Newspapers filled with news of sexual assaults, television coverages of irrational moral policing, trending YouTube videos with sexist and  dirty comments you’d never wish upon any woman, television channels with a stream of MCP movies on loop, objectified women, what else do you need for a perfect women’s day? Yes, a very happy women’s day people. Everytime I fix my mind Continue reading


Traumatised by a women’s court.

It is with a heavy heart I write this post. Because, just the thought of the incident reminds me of the injustice and hypocrisy that still continues to reign under an invisible blanket in our country and how so many innocent people either fall prey to it or undeniably, are targeted like rats being looked upon by an eagle. Continue reading

Servant with abusive drugs?😮

Okay, so what do you do if you found out your servant is in possession of abusive drugs? Would you forgive them ( Father forgive him, for he does not know what he is doing😇)? Ooorrr… Get that arsefacey (thanks to ‘the impossible quiz’ for such nice and kind words) busted! Report him to the police asap! Well, I’d definitely go with the latter. That settled, what would you do if your neighbour’s servant was found in possession of abusive drugs aaaaand your neighbour does not want to report it to the police because she is an old lady who lives with her mentally unstable husband, has barely any time for anything other than looking after her hubby and does not want to get involved into any legal procedures over it?? That’s the case with us. Or atleast, was the case with us😒. But the TWIST isn’t that… Continue reading

Why do you even call it a love marriage if it aint??😛

“I am finally getting married”(not me). If you are an Indian woman, then what follows right behind this ‘happy’ statement (like a boomerang) is,”Is it a love marriage or an arranged one?  Or is it an arranged love marriage? Where did you meet? When did you meet? When is the wedding? Where is the wedding…” and finally the inevitable and the scariest one (scarier than the Undertaker’s eyes 👀 I swear!) “Kitna maangg rahe hain vo log?”(how much are they asking for?) It is at this point you finally lose the enthusiasm you had just five minutes back, right from watching Tom and Jerry😊, to Monday Night Raw😕!  Continue reading