When you don’t know how to eat with a knife and fork, but then…🙄😳

Hehehehehehe…. yeah that’s my creepy laugh. laughter. laugh? Uh, nevermind.

Have you ever seen a cooked flying chicken? No? I have😎! That was the time I used a fork to feed myself. I distinctly remember me poking a portion of the boney leg piece with the fork. The next thing I know, it slipped, flying from my plate and landed right on my cousin’s plate, and for a moment we all were like 😕. No, I didn’t get the time to calculate the trajectory of the projectile chicken-missile (pardon me society of physics if the terms offended you) because my mind was going “Damn boney💀! Why’d you ditch me like that😳!” LOL, after that, to this day I get visions of the chicken flying whenever I use a fork😂. But the embarrassment doesn’t stop there.

You know, years of eating food the desi ishtyle -with your hands- it makes it pretty difficult (for people like me I guess) to get acquainted with the knife and fork thingy.  Let alone knife and fork, even using a spoon feels like Continue reading


These berries I love!


I don’t really have a camera. This was taken from a Samsung Pocket Galaxy GTS5301 with a 2 megapixel camera. Hence, the grainy and poor quality. But I love the picture 🙂

He Slept In My Arms… Sleepyhead


Found him while on a holiday in Kappil


Oh Please, Talk To The Hand😏✋

talk to the hand

Mr. Hand, Age 20, Fair, ‘Hot and Spicy’!(Don’t believe me?Just look at those teeth😜), Eligible Bachelor. Interested people, please contact your nearest grocery 😌.


Baby Bro Had A Tough Time At The Wedding😅

dressed up like a lady

This is the thing with Indian Weddings. You never know which direction the prank comes from, but you only know you gotta deal with it. Lil bro was made to wear a Saree, sport a Bindi, wear eyeliners and jasmine flowers. The rest is History, you know😋… the expression says it all!

Aww, he looks cute though 😘