When you don’t know how to eat with a knife and fork, but then…🙄😳

Hehehehehehe…. yeah that’s my creepy laugh. laughter. laugh? Uh, nevermind.

Have you ever seen a cooked flying chicken? No? I have😎! That was the time I used a fork to feed myself. I distinctly remember me poking a portion of the boney leg piece with the fork. The next thing I know, it slipped, flying from my plate and landed right on my cousin’s plate, and for a moment we all were like 😕. No, I didn’t get the time to calculate the trajectory of the projectile chicken-missile (pardon me society of physics if the terms offended you) because my mind was going “Damn boney💀! Why’d you ditch me like that😳!” LOL, after that, to this day I get visions of the chicken flying whenever I use a fork😂. But the embarrassment doesn’t stop there.

You know, years of eating food the desi ishtyle -with your hands- it makes it pretty difficult (for people like me I guess) to get acquainted with the knife and fork thingy.  Let alone knife and fork, even using a spoon feels like Continue reading


These berries I love!


I don’t really have a camera. This was taken from a Samsung Pocket Galaxy GTS5301 with a 2 megapixel camera. Hence, the grainy and poor quality. But I love the picture 🙂