Anatomy of a rare Indian Funeral in 12 pictures.

Grandpa’s demise gave us the opportunity to witness a very rare funeral with really really rare people. And that’s when I thoought I’d just draw some pictures of the types of people I saw. Continue reading


Grandpa is at peace now.👴

anagha babu

New year has arrived and I’m yet to decide if it is a happy or sad one. But of one thing I’m sure. This year is one of new beginnings and turning points. Even if those are good or bad, I’m gearing myself up to view all of them as the beginning of something better. The past two or three months were spent doing rounds of and being in the hospital with grandpa. His health issues were popping up one by one. If once it was a catheter bleed, next was blood loss, infections, pneumonia and so on. Between all this, there wasn’t enough time for me to do anything, let alone make those bulky new year resolutions I’d eventually break and feel like a total loser (thank heavens🙂). Continue reading