When you don’t know how to eat with a knife and fork, but then…🙄😳

Hehehehehehe…. yeah that’s my creepy laugh. laughter. laugh? Uh, nevermind.

Have you ever seen a cooked flying chicken? No? I have😎! That was the time I used a fork to feed myself. I distinctly remember me poking a portion of the boney leg piece with the fork. The next thing I know, it slipped, flying from my plate and landed right on my cousin’s plate, and for a moment we all were like 😕. No, I didn’t get the time to calculate the trajectory of the projectile chicken-missile (pardon me society of physics if the terms offended you) because my mind was going “Damn boney💀! Why’d you ditch me like that😳!” LOL, after that, to this day I get visions of the chicken flying whenever I use a fork😂. But the embarrassment doesn’t stop there.

You know, years of eating food the desi ishtyle -with your hands- it makes it pretty difficult (for people like me I guess) to get acquainted with the knife and fork thingy.  Let alone knife and fork, even using a spoon feels like taking a bath with gloves on😅. There’ve been  times when I was called ‘Angreji Medam’ just for trying to eat with a spoon. Well, some way or the other life has its own plans to introduce us to new things, isn’t it? The latest additions to this dilemma were my aunt’s birthday party at Villa Maya.

We had thrown a surprise b’day party for my aunt and Villa Maya was one exotic location we were dying to check out! The menu had some equally exotic dishes too, which I had never even heard of in my life. And believe me, if you’re ever in Trivandrum, make sure you visit the place. It’s amazing. Everything went on well, till… the food arrived. I had ordered Spanish Mackerel with some compliment I don’t remember well. My heart melted like cheese at the beauty of the dish😍, but then Mr. Brain responded, “Babe look at that!” 👀🍽🍴😱The horror! Knife and Fork.

“No no no, I can do this! I can do this!”

“Now what, the fork goes on the left or the right? 😟”

“Omg the waiters are still around! What if they see me like this😧”

“Okay, I’ll just pretend to talk when they come around🙄”

“Oh no! He’s looking at me. I know he’s laughing at me😨”

“Oh crap, this fish doesn’t even come off. Ohhkay. Damn that’s a big piece, how do I shove it now. Shit, it’s hanging out of my mouth isn’t it, awwghhh… Wow Anne you’ve done the job well, embarrass yourself more 😩.”

But the food was Mamma mia! So tasty that after sometime I forgot that anyone would even notice me eating. And the ambience of the place is so good, you could just get lost in it. That is the type of place which will make you wish you had a better half. Seriously, I’m not the relationship kind of person, but the place really got me!

Anyways, I’m waiting for more embarrassments to come my way. I mean what’s the fun if you don’t have things to laugh about when you look back😊!

Couldn’t take many pics as it was getting really late at night. Though there are ample on google.

The lady next to our table
anagha babu
Our thrones 🙂
anagha babu
This pic has a really important info but I’m not allowed to share it, lol!
anagha babu
No this ain’t diwali, it’s Villa Maya. It’s not dark, just the flash.
anagha babu
Hehehehehehe. Mom knows very well that I’m crazy af! Me with a very large traditional Spoon.
anagha babu
Our Chicken Parameshwaran, as we lovingly call it. Achu’s chicken parmesan basically 🙂
anagha babu
No that’s not candid. I asked for it 😂
anagha babu
That’s what happens when you don’t know how to pose!

9 thoughts on “When you don’t know how to eat with a knife and fork, but then…🙄😳

  1. I was in 10 std n its was my friends bday treat .. we ordered hell lot of food n chicken (drums of heaven) too .. I had piece of chicken in my hand ,dont remember exactly but we were laughing really bad over some stupid joke by one of my frn.. unluckily i was laughing so bad that I accidentally dropped my chicken leg in a glass full of water at my table ,thank god there were only 5 of us in the restaurant or else god knows how embarrassed I might have been ..phewww. plus the attention shifted towards me n I turned out to be a laughing stock in front of them.. its almost 6yrs past that experience now.. 😂😂😂😂

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  2. True man, it’s like even if they’re not even staring at us, our brain tricks us into believing they’re staring at us. If fork does me so much damage, idk what I’d do with chopsticks. Probably kill myself with it. 😝


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