3 days 3 quotes challenge: Day 2🙂

Here’s to the second day of the challenge. And once again, a huge thanks to MinionHead with a human brain for nominating me. Check out her blog people, it’s amazing and vibrant😃 with a tinge of the 90s kid here and there!

And now, the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you; post 3 quotes per day for 3 consecutive days aaand, nominate 3 bloggers each day.

1.) Vikas Swarup. A fact a lot of us often forget and neglect!


2.) Thich Nhat Hanh. Don’t we all fall prey to preconceptions?


3.) Eleanor Roosevelt


Now for the nomination part 🤗. I nominate:

1.) Inkyfire

2.) Be inspired

3.) Think One Change

Well, it is not mandatory to take part in the challenge. Also, you can post it as and when you like it ☺


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