The 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge🤗.

Yes I like putting fullstops after a smiley. Habit. Or maybe OCD. Or maybe the fact that I think it is OCD is Paranoia. Or maybe that I think it is Paranoia is ADHD. Or maybe the ADHD part redirects from PTSD??? Just kidding you know 😂.

First of all, thanks a ton  MinionHead with a human brain ☺for the nomination . Never had I thought I’d be nominated for something on wordpress. Do pay a visit to her blog and I’m sure the minion’s posts are gonna keep you glued! Just like her blog says, her words are free flowing and beautiful.

The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you (Obviously you would 🙂); Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days; Nominate 3 bloggers each day.

So here’s to my first day of the challenge. 3 quotes that have stuck to me!

1.) The handsome man! This quote has forever motivated me, the bottomline of my life!



2.) Atticus Finch. I believe in not judging people too quickly. Atticus Finch fairly proves it.


3.) Nadia Comaneci


Thought pictures would better express.

Now for the nomination part; I would like to nominate

1.) myheartbeats4ublog

2.) Mera Blog

3.) Midnight Madness

Well, it’s not mandatory to take part in the challenge; also you can post it as and when you like/get time 😊




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