Servant with abusive drugs?😮

Okay, so what do you do if you found out your servant is in possession of abusive drugs? Would you forgive them ( Father forgive him, for he does not know what he is doing😇)? Ooorrr… Get that arsefacey (thanks to ‘the impossible quiz’ for such nice and kind words) busted! Report him to the police asap! Well, I’d definitely go with the latter. That settled, what would you do if your neighbour’s servant was found in possession of abusive drugs aaaaand your neighbour does not want to report it to the police because she is an old lady who lives with her mentally unstable husband, has barely any time for anything other than looking after her hubby and does not want to get involved into any legal procedures over it?? That’s the case with us. Or atleast, was the case with us😒. But the TWIST isn’t that…

The story starts like this.

When we brought grandpa home from the hospital, we hired a home-nurse (who wasn’t really a home nurse except for some experience in it) from an agency, just to help us with looking after grandpa. Let’s say for the first few days, she worked dilligently like a newly recruited government servant… But some days later, she became what many government servants become after 1 or 2 months 😏. She’d very rarely go into grandpa’s room, would laze around all day long, watching those good-for-nothing teargas-burst conservative and superstitious daily soaps (Daily soaps pe bhadaas toh nikaalni hi thi bhaiyya) along with granny, and out of the 24 hours in a day, 12 hours of hers would be productively well spent on talking pink dreams with ‘someone’. Good lord, what on earth were we paying her a lumpsome 12k for? Mostly because the agency asked us to.

Somewhere around this time, the grandpa in our neighbourhood had some sodium imbalance in his brain (that’s what his wife told us) and started behaving really weird… well, you know, mentally unstable is what I’d better call it. Anyways✌, the husband and wife live alone, their ony daughter being settled abroad. As his condition started to worsen, the grandma hired a stay-at-home servant, a man, from the same agency we had hired from (poor her, could’ve atleast talked with us about it before she hired).

One fine day, she comes to us, saying the man, the servant came home heavily drunk many nights, spoke in abusive language, wouldn’t do any work, would run away from the house without notice and the best part, he was in possession of and was using some abusive, illegal drugs. What if he was involved in some sort of a racket, or if he was trading it? The guy had run away that morning saying he did not want to work there anymore, without giving any sound explanation to them or the agency. And what did she do? 🤓Nothing at all, just tolerated throughout. Now tell me something, you hired him, you pay him wages, you give him food, then why would you tolerate all this? Some days before it, one of their relatives came home only to say that he knew the servant from personal experience and that Mr. Servant had pretty bad and indecent reputation. Wow! What more, the grandma also has a police officer chirping on some branch of her family tree🐤. When asked why she wouldn’t report it then, the usual ‘I’m too old for everything’ answer “mujhe jhanjhat mein nahi padnaa”.

But, but, but… wait, I’d love to add more ‘but’s but… the same one fine day, there’s a commotion in the neighbourhood around night time. My grandma comes hurriedly to tell us the grandpa next door passed away💀. Maybe I have a very cynical mind, but at that moment I could only think about linking the guy’s disappearance with the grandpa’s death. I mean, yeah, it is very unlikely but not quite impossible too, right. Anyways, not reporting that guy to the police was a mistake… it definitely was. Apart from that, the grandpa must’ve died naturally.

But the questions are: why are people so unresponisve about such things, why do they go on tolerating instead of taking quick action? The police would happily protect them, then why not make use of  their service? How to stop such fraudulent agencies before anyone gets hurt? I’m still thinking. Of one thing I’m sure; I’d think not twice but many times before hiring any such people in the future.🙄


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