Grandma scared the Hell out of me!😱

It’s funny what old people can do sometimes; not just old people, people in general. But giving you the scare of a lifetime…

Nope, not funny😒. Not funny at aaaallll😑!!

Even if it is unintentionally, especially after you watched a similar horror movie! This happened some days after I watched Lights Out .

The horror movie buff that I am, and being a biiiiig fan of David Sandberg and Lotta Losten, ‘Lights Out’ was definitely something I wasn’t gonna miss. And I must say, unlike most other movies based on zombies, urban legends or some ‘cute doll’ (uhm 😑 yes I find her cute), this flick was more relateable, you know, markets itself mostly on our (Ohkayy, somewhat MY😒) fear of darkness. I remember a sentence from the promos, ‘You were right, to be afraid of the dark’ which I brushed off casually.

So there I was at midnight, few days later, on my bed (I sleep in my grave alone💀), texting a ‘monkey’ and sideways reading an ebook. Being so focussed on the mobile screen, the brightness from it sort of blinded me from everything, you know, everything was dark around. Texting, all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the bathroom lights on. Well, maybe just a loose connection or something. I turned my head left towards the bathroom in my room and ………


This! Exactly this! 😱(I mean, of course without those eyes…🙄) “WTF! Wtf! OMG, it’s Diana. Holy crap! So David Sandberg was right when he said that!!” For a second or so, my zombie brain couldn’t comprehend what it was. And then for the first time in my life I could literally feel my heart in my throat! Damn sure my heart stopped beating for a moment. A shadow stood there, motionless, with those messy tangled hairs and hands shaped just like the picture. It was only after five or six seconds that I was back to earth to realize it’s  my grandma😥! I could almost hear the lub dub of my heart. But in the horror of that one moment, my entire body went numb.

Finally when my zombie brain got the antidote, I started thinking (Mr. heart being stubborn enough not to slow down). The thing is, my grandma is… um… I don’t have the right words maybe. 1.) I wasn’t really expecting anyone inside my room this late. 2.) She has another bathroom close by her room, so definitely, DEFINITELY I wasn’t expecting anyone. 3.) She stood there for a while after switching the lights on, instead of getting in. I mean, why would anyone do that 😑?!! (yeah she’s a little lazy I guess) 4.) She didn’t make a single noise while entering the room.

Eventhough it was all unintentional, I just can’t get over it. And for the monkey that I was texting, in thaaat situation, my fingers were trembling, and I texted some random words, and he…. he was laughing! 😂(Yea he had all reason to laugh, I was also laughing a little later, hehe). She still does that sometimes, manages to give me mini heart attacks. But none of it is as intense as the one I had that night. Never to forget…


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