My baby is missing😖😢

anagha babu

I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this. But I got nothing better to do about it. My kitten is missing and I’ve done my fair share of searching and whining. I know there’s no use of writing this on WordPress but Cookie please come back! If only I could pet you once again; if only I could melt looking into those beady little eyes you make… just this once. I love the way  you brush your coat against me; those purring sounds… times when you’d nibble on my fingers playfully. The way you run around the house and act nuts… the times you’d sleep like a baby, close to me, the times I’d keep clicking pictures of your weird sleeping positions. Apart from my family, I don’t think I’ve ever loved any human being as much as I love you. The house feels empty without you baby. Come back please😔. Life is already giving me enough things to feel sad about and to drift more into depression; You made me happy and now you ain’t here😟. There are some things on which your smell lingers and it makes me feel so helpless. Please please please just come back, please, I just can’t, without you😢. Please baby…