‘Mother’, a definition the universe is not enough to contain.

Before I begin writing anything further, I want to express my profound respect and love to all the mothers out there, to all the fathers who act as mothers and especially to the single mothers like mine. Without you people, the world would have been a darker place. I’m saying this, because everyone has a mother. For some people, it’s their own mother. For some other people, it’s a foster-mother. For some people, their dads played even the role of a mother. And some others, they’re their own mothers! Ask me which is the most warm and beautiful word on earth,… ‘MOTHER’.

When I wished my mom ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, she casually joked saying, “Chaar din ki chaandni phir andheri raat”. 😁 (Ab bataao, isko dekh ke bhi koi andheri raat kahega? :P)

Mmummum… 😍

A very close friend of mine once asked me what I liked about myself the most. I had one and only one answer, ‘that I was born to such a wonderful woman, that God picked me and made me fortunate enough to share my life with one of the most beautiful souls in the world, that I’m unconditionally loved by her’, that’s what I like about myself the most. My mom is definitely the reason I’m still on earth, safe and sound. For one, she endured all the nine month suffering to bring me to this world, two, endured even more suffering to raise me and three, it was only her love and strength that gave me the courage to stay alive even in the worst times that I wanted to quit. It is from her I learnt that there’s still hope even if your ship has sunken; learnt how to smile wide in the face of disaster and keep marching forth; learnt that life is worth living, come what may. It’s from her I imbibed the never-say-die attitude in life.

She’d screw me for uploading this old pic 🙂

I’m opening a part of my heart through this post. To be frank, my childhood and growing-up years have not been normal ones. I wouldn’t go deeper into the details, partly because looking back at it sometimes makes me uneasy and partly because I don’t intend to hurt the people who once hurt me. I’d only say, it was miserable, especially towards the end of my schooling years and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies. Mental agony and harassment had become an unavoidable part of routine life. Anyways, even though my mom and dad hadn’t separated until 2013, my mom was pretty much a single parent for a long time before that. Not only did she keep aside her troubles and tears, she took up more trouble to make mine and my brother’s life a happier one. If it was not for her love and care, I could not have survived that house, those many years of my life. All alone, she stood strong through all the hardships and suffering. And let me tell you, her mental strength is not human! Because no ordinary human can have so much strength throughout almost two decades of mental pain!

Yeah I know we don’t look like her kids, lol 😂😂

Even now, she is abroad, in a country she doesn’t want to be in. Why? Just so that we can have a better life, just so that we have all the comforts, me and my brother. She works right from 6 am and returns home at about 10pm, despite being tired she works every sweat off even on holidays. Because the medical rates are high in Dubai, she doesn’t go to the doctor even if she’s sick. She saves each and every penny and sends it to us, having a very meagre amount left with her at her for her expenditures. She doesn’t like the food there, (she’s still that panjji and kayarr i.e. porridge kind of person) she eats up very less to no food a lot of times. Apart from that, all the stress she endures because of me and my brother, I don’t know how she does all that. She works so hard there and what do we do here? Sleep more hours than she does, without having to do half the work she does!


I just looooove to sit/sleep on her lap. The warmest coziest place on earth! ❤

So amma, I know you haven’t read my blog 🙂 , but if you ever read, ever come across this post, I want you to know that you’re the best thing I have in my life and I couldn’t ask anything more from God! I love it when you sing that ‘Teri Deewani’ song 😂! I loved it when you cut the sauce sachet at Cherries n’ Berries😂😂! You’re the funniest and the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Thanks for being my best friend ever. Thanks for being by my side always. I know what a big aspect of your life you have sacrificed for me, how much you have hidden your tears from me to wipe my tears yourself. I know how much you love and trust me. I know I have humiliated you many a times but I’m really sorry for that, I never meant to hurt you. I know how much I’ve made you sad, how much you cried because of me, how many times I broke your trust, how much I hurt you… I’m sorry for all that amma. There’s much more to say, but for now, I love you so much yaar. (P.S. Sachme yaar, I love you even more than Bournville also!! 😘😍 😛 )

Happy Mother’s Day ❤


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