Happiness only knocks if you have a door. Otherwise, it comes rushing in!

Does happiness have an address? It certainly doesn’t. Or maybe it does. But, you definitely don’t have to send it an invitation letter to come stay with you. It’s like this pet we have. When we get it for the first time, we’re all excited about it, give it all our attention. But gradually, we get so used to having it around that we don’t really realize it’s been around us the whole time and give more attention to stressing on what we don’t have or could have. Are we so preoccupied with finding happiness that we fail to experience it? Well, at least that’s the case with a majority of the people.

I’m not in denial of the fact that I too am one of those ‘majority of people’ I mentioned. Every person is in that boat at some point of their lives. We’re all busy trying to make our lives more comfortable, securing a life for our loved ones. So much so that ‘busy’ has become a part and parcel of our lives, an inevitable part and obviously, in this stressful rat-race it’s difficult not to become busy. And in the process, we forget to keep the doors of our heart open and expect happiness to find us.  Come on, happiness isn’t skinny enough to creep in through the keyhole! You know, what we’re really in search of is not so much the actual happiness as our preconceived idea of happiness. We already have set our standards for ‘happiness’. We’ve certain ideas that only so and so can make us happy.

But for once, what if we  break all the doors we have set up in our heart; what if we let in the small bits of happiness we already have around us, without any barriers? Because you know, there’s joy in the smallest things in life we hardly notice, rather we fail to notice because of the blinding stress.

Because happiness is, hitting the snooze button again and again and again 😊.

Happiness is, having a cup of tea from the Chai-waala after a stressful day.

Happiness is, making someone smile.

Happiness is, walking in the rain, jumping in every puddle of water possible.

Because happiness is, having those funny weird conversations with yourself, where no one’ll judge you.

Happiness, is making someone else feel good about themselves.

Happiness is, giving and getting a warm smile from a stranger in the crowd when you’re rushing to get to work.

Happiness is, when your phone plays all your favourite songs at a stretch!

Happiness is, spending time with the underprivileged street kids, seeing their innocent smiles.

Happiness is, sharing your lunch with the cat, the dog, the crow and everything else around.

Happiness is, making om-nom-nom sounds, eating the food you love.

Because happiness is, unwrapping a new book from amazon and intoxicating yourself with the fragrance of the fresh pages!

Happiness is, finding a conjoined banana or vegetable in the grocery you just bought.😆

Happiness is, buying an edition of 50 Shades of Grey from the bookstore without knowing what it is about! 😅

Happiness is, correcting your boss on an important work matter, telling him he was wrong. (Yo bro, now say who’s the boss😎!)

Happiness is, cooking a new cuisine and nailing it! (even ‘failing it’ will do!)

Happiness is, being with loved ones even when you’re miles away .

Happiness is, gazing blankly at the night sky and feeling peaceful.

And happiness is, your head making first contact with the fluffy pillow! Zzzzz…

And the list goes on and on. There’s so much more to list. Moreover, each one of us has a different list. What’s your list?

These are the small things in life we miss out on most of the time. Especially me being a person in depression, let me tell you it becomes hard very often to rejoice in such small joys, but I keep trying. And yes, it’s improving 🙂 ! Remember, happiness only knocks if you have a door. Otherwise, it comes rushing in! Because, happiness is like a pet that pins you down and wants to love you more than you love it! So why don’t we just break all the doors and let happiness in 😉 !

                                                                          Stay Happy 🙂

                                                                          Stay Blessed


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