Does The Garlic Trick Really Work?😑

People who use a lot of Garlic in their food know how annoying it can be to peel the pod (P.S. I’m talking about amateurs like me 😕 if you say it ain’t irritating). And honestly, the ready-made garlic paste doesn’t taste as good as the real ones we mash at home. Well at least most of those ready-made ones don’t. It was then that I was searching YouTube for food hacks and found this amazing trick for peeling garlic without using a knife. And I was so overwhelmed, that I gave the video a thumbs up (“Awesome bro, you just solved one of the greatest worries of my life!”). For those people who don’t know what the trick is, it’s simple.

Step 1: Take a garlic pod and smash it with your fist, on the cutting board (Never did it cross my mind that it might just hurt my fist. Hence a good beginning for me. I was almost “fffffffffff”😶).

Step 2: Now that you’ve smashed it (right! 😑), put the separated garlic cloves in a bowl and close it with a similar bowl (I had to finally smash the pod with a pestle thrice 😊 before Step 2).

Step 3: Hold the closed bowl in your hand firmly and shake it vigorously for about 20-30 seconds (As if! I shook it so vigorously that my body was shaking along. Not for 20, not 30 but for more than 60 seconds!).

Step 4: Your peeled garlics are ready, just separate the garlic cloves from the bowl! 

Needless to say, in my case, the peels were still on. The peels hadn’t even separated a bit except for one or two cloves. You know, that moment when you’ve really worked hard on something but the result doesn’t show up? Yeah. I tried doing it on other days too. But always the result was the same, laaaaaaaaaame! I mean, the guy in the video did it with so much ease. It was like he had conspired with the garlic pod 😒 “You peel off easy and I won’t chop you. Deal?” “Deaaaal :D”. 

Those who wanna try the trick can try it, might just work for you. But I don’t understand why it doesn’t work for me. Maybe because the size of garlics we get in the shops here is too thin and small unlike the ones in the video. Or maybe because I didn’t  smash it properly. Or it could be because… I don’t know. But nevermind, I’ve found another way 😀! I follow the same steps as above, except that I pour some water inside the bowl, warm water preferably. It works for me ☺. Maybe ridiculous, but I don’t prefer tiring myself peeling the cloves one by one. So…


6 thoughts on “Does The Garlic Trick Really Work?😑

    1. Your highness 😄! I’m so happy that you visited the blog. Conventional knife -hand peel off method lle.. Senior chef paranja sthithikk ini njammalum aa vazhikk povaan ponenu 😜


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