3 songs retro version!🎂

Aah the oldies! Earlier I used to be allergic to old songs, but gradually they crept inside my heart and captured it 🙂 . Continue reading


‘Mother’, a definition the universe is not enough to contain.

Before I begin writing anything further, I want to express my profound respect and love to all the mothers out there, to all the fathers who act as mothers and especially to the single mothers like mine. Without you people, the world would have been a darker place. I’m saying this, because everyone has a mother. For some people, it’s their own mother. For some other people, it’s a foster-mother. For some people, their dads played even the role of a mother. And some others, they’re their own mothers! Ask me which is the most warm and beautiful word on earth,… ‘MOTHER’. Continue reading

Happiness only knocks if you have a door. Otherwise, it comes rushing in!

Does happiness have an address? It certainly doesn’t. Or maybe it does. But, you definitely don’t have to send it an invitation letter to come stay with you. It’s like this pet we have. When we get it for the first time, we’re all excited about it, give it all our attention. But gradually, we get so used to having it around that we don’t really realize it’s been around us the whole time and give more attention to stressing on what we don’t have or could have. Are we so preoccupied with finding happiness that we fail to experience it? Well, at least that’s the case with a majority of the people. Continue reading

Does The Garlic Trick Really Work?😑

People who use a lot of Garlic in their food know how annoying it can be to peel the pod (P.S. I’m talking about amateurs like me 😕 if you say it ain’t irritating). And honestly, the ready-made garlic paste doesn’t taste as good as the real ones we mash at home. Well at least most of those ready-made ones don’t. It was then that I was searching YouTube for food hacks and found this amazing trick for peeling garlic without using a knife.  Continue reading