Indeed, I have RBF Syndrome😅

It’s a bright sunny day and you’re exchanging casual smiles with every other person you meet and there’s this one specimen who’s frowning at you, then Voila! you’ve found an rbf! And if you’re the specimen yourself, welcome to my world 😊! Back then, I don’t remember how I first stumbled upon the term, but what I didn’t know at that time was that it could be so closely related to me. Rbf basically stands for, ‘Resting Bitch Face’.

There was a time when I thought it’s just an internet meme but then gradually, the people around me made me realize it exists and that I am one of them too. You know that feeling, when you’re happy for someone, but that doesn’t show up on your face? Or, you’re in a normal mood, but people think you’re the saddest person on earth? Well, happens with me all the time.

Usually when I skype my mom, I have that rbf expression. Why? Because my lips are naturally somewhat inverted into a frown and when I smile the usual way, it looks like a straight line rather than the curved shape what most people have, like this 😐. That’s just the way it is. And I’ve been trying so hard to convince my mom that I really am NOT SAD! She keeps asking me, “Beta, Why don’t you smile? You look sad all the time. Just try to be positive and optimistic…..” and so it goes. Recently me and my brothers were taking a quiz on Playbuzz I got a result saying ‘You love to be happy and smile’. And to this, my brother and cousin burst laughing speaking between snorts, “You?! And Happy? OMG smile?!” Boy, was I pissed off 😠. This is what happens you know, people think you’re always sad and depressed. A lot of my buddies’ve told me they were afraid to come and talk to me when they first met me! Because they thought I’m the serious geeky person with a bad case of ego! Seriously? I can’t keep smiling 1000 watt all the time people, my muscles hurt!

Some days back, when I was in a playful mood,I tried the rbf calculator. I tried it just for fun, but turns out…… The results: (of my natural resting face)rbf results

There you go, “CONTEMPT (and that too in pink color!😲)”, “SAD”. Contempt is something that I don’t have for the worst people in my life. And look at how “HAPPY” is deseperately trying to get into the race but seems its limbs got paralyzed. Atleast “NEUTRAL” came to my rescue.

So indeed there’s no use of trying to make the people understand it seems😅. All I’d say is, please don’t misunderstand me people, I’m a very amicable person, except that depression has made me a little quiet lately. Neither do I have contempt for anyone nor do I have any sort of headweight or ego. Feel free to approach me, come up to me and talk. And don’t go by the expression on my face. I can’t really do anything about it 🙂 . It’s that way since 1995. Don’t believe me? 😉

P.S. I don’t have any photos from 1995, so these 1997,99 ones 😀


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