When Tooth Fairy Came Too Late😁😷

That moment when you’re flashing that 1000 Watt smile of yours and someone says  “Hey, there’s something on your tooth”!! ‘Embarrassing’ would be an understatement I guess. Imagine if you’d have to bear the brunt of it your entire life? Well, welcome to my world☺. 

A very very long long time time  😑 TIME  back (2004 to be precise),  there lived a… duh, I’m not sure what word to use… ‘girl’ probably. Well, the girl lived, for now. With her also lived her very annoying brother (whom she loves sooo much later 😘😘muah muah, who’d thrash her later if she didn’t add this statement 😇), a very playful kid indeed. One fine evening (‘fine’ my foot!!😠), her sweet lovely brother thrashed her head accidentally on an elevated ground and there it goes! One milky white part of her tooth… FRONT TOOTH!!!! a big chunk indeed.

That’s where it all started. The part of the tooth which remained intact, sulked and sobbed and eventually died grieving the death of its better half😭. Yes, we never got it another better half partly cz’ my folks never cared to fix it. Unfortunately Coldplay wasn’t there either to ‘fix you’, my poor tooth. Actually my mum did get me a temporary cap for it, but you know you can’t really avoid fate! One head on collission with a cousin.. and there you go again… Mr.Temporary also went leaving behind more things for my toothie to sulk about. What happened next? Toothie grew dark, eventually, especially after having worn braces for two years.

To top it all, I’ve a very protruding jaw and exceptionally small permanent teeth and only a surgery can fix the problem. Putting braces for two years also didn’t solve the problem. Till some years back I thought of getting the surgery done once I land a job. But then the realisation struck. I don’t really need to fix the jaw or the small size of the teeth as it simply doesn’t matter to my happiness in any manner. And it was last year that mum got me a crown replacement done for my almost light brownish front tooth. But I’m so lucky that even that backfired😒! The dentists put a crown 50 shades whiter and twice the size of my toothie! And they were kind enough to tell me it looks so good that no one’d notice it was not my real tooth, white lie or arrogance I don’t know.



Unfortunately, I’ve yet to overcome this issue. It has made me smile less for photos and shy to open my mouth while talking to new people. Hopefully, I’ll soon get a replacement for my toothie, a better one this time. Someone please give toothfairy a ticket for the bullet train.. please!


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