Happy Birthday 2016 🎂

I know this comes a little late from….. okay, a lot late from😊 New Year and yes, I’ve been in somewhat like a hideout for the past few weeks I guess. Tbh, was quite busy. December came with lots of surprises for me, be it the arrival of my aunt or the fever that got me bedridden for almost two weeks. But I have no complaints, no regrets. I tried blogging but all I ended up doing was being in bed all day unable to lift my head, with  Chuck Palahniuk books to savour 😁 (Thank God for him!).

The last December sure changed my life in many ways… lots of realizations, lots of decisions and new year was literally a new year for me, infact the beginning of a good year. It’s not like I was expecting anything to happen or take hardcore resolutions for the new year which I tend to ‘not’ follow, but it all happened involuntarily, like some force was driving me to do things (P.S. I’m not a religious person, if for some matter you felt that I’m one. ✌peace!). Finally, I found out what I actually want to do with my life. I found my priorities… priorities which are somewhat  unacceptable to a lot of my folks. But who cares what they think! After all it’s MY life and I’ll live it the way I wish. My mom’s always by my side and that’s more than enough for me.

The best part about this year is that I learnt how to channel the little bit of OCD that I have into a positive direction. The same thing which bothered me a great deal few years back (to this day) has now become a medium to overcome my never ending laziness. The second best part is that, I came to know I have depression, I accepted the fact and also, decided to do something about it rather than shut up, alienate myself and let my depression get the better of me… Work in progress👷🚧! Well, this year’s gonna be different… different in a good way, hopefully. But nothing can beat the fact that my mum would be returning from the UAE this year and I can’t wait to hug her, be with her all the time and sleep by her side (😍😍😍 awww it’s sooooo cozy). After mom and dad separated (not an amicable one), she had to take up a more well-paying job than the meagre ‘teacher’ salary of hers to bring-up me and my brother, on her own. So, a couple years back, she had to leave for Dubai, and take up a very demanding, stressful job (as if leaving her kids behind wasn’t enough stress for her and now this,….😔). Whatever… I just can’t wait to see her.

Talk of December and there’s always Christmas. Enjoyed a lot with aunt and cousins, almost died of laughter, went to the beach, bla bla …. Finally, I’m gonna graduate from college (Oh almighty, how did that even happen… how did I even reach this far😭😭😭). Though 2015 was more of a sad year for me, it came with a lot of life lessons. Hopefully 2016 would take me to the brighter side of life.

I know that this post has been written in a very unorganised manner, i switched from topic to topic.. just ranted it as it came in my head.. Anyways, Happy new year!


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