I’m Such a Horror Movie Buff! 🎃

Till almost a decade back, I grew up running from one room to the other in the dark, faster than a cheetah, afraid to look around… for I might find Ghost/Chudail/Yakshi or even Yakshan, call ‘it’ whatever you want!

I remember, just looking into dark rooms and empty spaces would make me squirm. 😖 The ‘must-follow’ policy at night : Keep your feet under the sheets or else the ‘it’ will pull you, no matter how sweaty you feel. When you’re home alone : Point 1 DO NOT  tune to Sony TV or else ‘Aahat’ would go live! (For those of who don’t know ‘Aahat’, click me) and Point 2 DO NOT go to the bathroom ‘coz you’d have to flush and the sound would wake ‘it’ up ( I know it’s embarrassing, but that’s a fact 😊). You could always wait till there are people at home.

Once the ‘scared-phase’ was over, by the time I was 13, the scares turned a craze and horror genre’s my favourite now. But let me tell you, good horror movies are few. If  you google ‘Horror movies’, you’ll find a sea of those. Never go by the ratings, ‘coz they can be deceptive. Here are 3 horror movies I’d recommend. (It’s not like they’ll scare you in the long run, but ARE worth a watch.😁)

P.S. : Differs from person to person.

1. The Taking of Deborah Logan

The best one I’ve seen so far in the horror genre. Starts off an Alzheimer’s note but it really gets you as it progresses. It’s one of those found footage movies, but I assure you it’s so not cliché. Even I didn’t find the YouTube promos impressive, but watching the movie was ‘THE’ experience. See it for yourself. (After watching the movie, I googled it to find that it was rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes 😉)

2. Unfriended

Almost similar to the found footage horror genre, this movie at least stands out in the fact that it tried a new idea. Horror over Skype! Yes! Keeps you glued till the end. A movie almost all can relate to, esp the youth – not just the Skype and Facebook part, but also Cyber Bullying and its after effects. Each time I heard the skype sounds, I was checking my skype for any calls or messages. It’s rated 61% but deserves a higher rating 😌.

3. Horror Story (2013)

This Hindi flick is my favourite in the hindi horror genre (And this has got nothing to do with the fact that there’s Karan Kundra in the lead 😇). Though there are a lot of movies scarier than this, but this one gets the tension built up. A new sort of  hindi horror, I think it’s worth your time. Unlike the usual bhoot bhootni bhootiya ghar stuff, this one’s pretty good. Time pass ke liye acha hai. I watched it more than thrice. (And still it has got nothing to do with Karan Kundra 😋)

So grab the popcorn, turn the lights out and bhoooo…😈


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