Who’s A.B.?

Well, basically she’s from the endangered species of ‘normal weirdos’ out there. And acidically… um… well… basically’d do. 😐

A sworn introvert, people often mistake that for her indifference,   but nayyy.. she’s a sweet girl (at least to some people 😊 that I know of). And mind you, don’t be judgemental. She is NOT at all the person you saw the first time. Get to know her close, and you’ll be like “Where is the girl I met that day 😏 ?”

“Is she a foodie?” Oh yes she is; just, doesn’t look like one. And… Oh, she loves travelling and listening to music, scribbling and doodling random crap, likes to sing, accidentally heard her own song one day, aah! enlightenment, doesn’t like to sing since then 😒.

Hobbies – Feeling bored, feeling excited, happy, sad, useless, hopeful, and after the rollercoaster of emotions, returning to finally ‘feeling determined’. Don’t forget the mood swings… that’s her fav! In between all this, if she can find time, she reads, draws, does creative stuff, writes  a lil bit…

oh, and studies too 😁.

She has her heart set on Indian Foreign Service and likes to picture herself in there in a couple of years. (Hopefully, *fingers crossed*)

While her mum was under labour in a hospital, bringing her to the world, Eric Cornell and Carl Weiman were busy bringing Bose-Einstein condensate to the world. (How could you Carl and Eric, how could you!! Laanat hai tum par!😋) Nevermind, both parties were successful. They got a Nobel Prize later and her mum got a diaper for her.

Geminian. That pretty much sums it up.



9 thoughts on “Who’s A.B.?

  1. Im the sorry aliyaa,,

    You are impossible man, that i Couldn’t recognize some hidden talents (ente kaalu..) as if Nedumudi did the same to Lalettan in ‘Manichithrathaazhu’

    Seriously ede , i like the style , the way narrating yourself even if I’m “stranger” to some words you used

    “Somebody” in making … A.B

    Liked by 1 person

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