Oh Please, Talk To The Hand😏✋

talk to the hand

Mr. Hand, Age 20, Fair, ‘Hot and Spicy’!(Don’t believe me?Just look at those teeth😜), Eligible Bachelor. Interested people, please contact your nearest grocery 😌.


Baby Bro Had A Tough Time At The Wedding😅

dressed up like a lady

This is the thing with Indian Weddings. You never know which direction the prank comes from, but you only know you gotta deal with it. Lil bro was made to wear a Saree, sport a Bindi, wear eyeliners and jasmine flowers. The rest is History, you know😋… the expression says it all!

Aww, he looks cute though 😘

Who’s A.B.?

Well, basically she’s from the endangered species of ‘normal weirdos’ out there. And acidically… um… well… basically’d do. 😐

A sworn introvert, people often mistake that for her indifference,   but nayyy.. she’s a sweet girl (at least to some people 😊 that I know of). And mind you, don’t be judgemental. She is NOT at all the person you saw the first time. Get to know her close, and you’ll be like “Where is the girl I met that day 😏 ?” Continue reading


The Beauty of Veggies

okraSnapped Mr. Sunnyplate and his Okramates before they’d lose their hue.


I’m Such a Horror Movie Buff! 🎃

Till almost a decade back, I grew up running from one room to the other in the dark, faster than a cheetah, afraid to look around… for I might find Ghost/Chudail/Yakshi or even Yakshan, call ‘it’ whatever you want! Continue reading