Apologies, fellow bloggers.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. Lots of posts, actually 😀 . I am usually in the habit of following people back whenever they follow me, but these days I’ve been so preoccupied with things that I haven’t been able to even open WordPress, let alone read any of your amazing posts. I feel bad about it, at the same time I don’t feel so bad about it when I think about how pressing my schedule is nowadays. I’ve been scheduling, rescheduling and trashing my drafts on WordPress because of the minimal to zero time at my disposal for writing and/or reading. I’ve been juggling many things at a time, ranging from academic to emotional and work-related. So, I thought I should apologize for not being able to check out your posts or like or comment on them. Not that you require my apologies, but just for my sake, for my heart’s sake, I thought I should write this down. Thanks for the love. Regards 🙂


The worst women’s day ever!

Happy women’s day ladies! Here’s to celebrating one day the world has assigned to respect and empower women; celebrate it now, because it’s doubtful you’ll get to do it in the years to come. Let alone celebrate, be thankful if at least you get some peace of mind this day just because it’s women’s day! Newspapers filled with news of sexual assaults, television coverages of irrational moral policing, trending YouTube videos with sexist and  dirty comments you’d never wish upon any woman, television channels with a stream of MCP movies on loop, objectified women, what else do you need for a perfect women’s day? Yes, a very happy women’s day people. Everytime I fix my mind Continue reading

Grandpa is at peace now.👴

anagha babu

New year has arrived and I’m yet to decide if it is a happy or sad one. But of one thing I’m sure. This year is one of new beginnings and turning points. Even if those are good or bad, I’m gearing myself up to view all of them as the beginning of something better. The past two or three months were spent doing rounds of and being in the hospital with grandpa. His health issues were popping up one by one. If once it was a catheter bleed, next was blood loss, infections, pneumonia and so on. Between all this, there wasn’t enough time for me to do anything, let alone make those bulky new year resolutions I’d eventually break and feel like a total loser (thank heavens🙂). Continue reading